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Bike Rider DX

Bike Rider DX coming to the Nintendo eShop in August

Ranked no.1 in Japan's eShop, this one-button platform action finally makes its way to the west!

Enjoy a new kind of jump 'n run action, riding your bike on bumpy roads, crossing deep valleys and dodging all kinds of obstacles. Travel the globe to be the champion of the WORLD TOUR mode, or break the highscore in the endless GRAND PRIX mode and see how far you can go. You can use a variety of power-up items like the "Air Ride" and make use of fun gimmicks such as giant whirlwinds on your way through the stages! Will you be able to collect all gold coins and unlock the special bonus stages? Just jump! - Everyone can quickly become familiar with the controls, while a large variety of stages and modes provide fun for both newcomers and experienced gamers!

Bike Rider DX

Bike Rider DX

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"Bike Rider DX out later this summer on the North American, European 3DS eShops" (nintendoeverything.com)

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Bike Rider DX - also available on PlayStationRMobile

You can also enjoy Japan's No.1 platform action on your PlayStation VITA with PlayStationRMobile!

Start to pedal and you'll never want to stop this bracing jump 'n bike action! Everyone's favorite mobile app "Bike Rider" - now available on PlayStationRMobile!

Bike Rider DX PS Mobile

TAP to jump! Combine your timing skills with the simplest of controls to enjoy great gameplay!

Just tap to jump! That's all there is to learn for the controls! The Bike Rider DX tracks have been ramped up with loads of gimmicks and items that make every stage a unique challenge!

Bike Rider DX trare

Two hot modes: WORLD TOUR and the free run GRAND PRIX!


Clear 5 levels per stage to continue riding around the world!
Will you be able to collect all 3 golden coins in every stage?
(50 stages in total)

Bike Rider DX game imageBike Rider DX game image


With no limit to the track, you can ride 'til you drop!
Enjoy the Grand Prix mode, Bike Rider's standard free run!

Bike Rider DX game imageBike Rider DX game image


■Bike Rider DX for Nintendo 3DS邃「

Price 5,99 USD
Release date August 1st 2013 (North America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil)
Supported devices Nintendo 3DS邃「

■Bike Rider DX for PlayStationRMobile

Price varies by region
Recommended devices PlayStation Vita
Xperia PLAY SO-01D(Xperia Play)
Xperia Tablet S
Sony Tablet S
Xperia arc SO-01C
Xperia acro SO-02C/IS11S(SOI11)
Xperia NX SO-02D
Xperia GX SO-04D
Xperia SX SO-05D
Xperia AX SO-01E
Xperia VL SOL21
XperiaZ SO-02E